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PostSubject: MATCH RULES   Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:58 am

Duration. The start and finish of a competition will be signalled by the Organisers. Anglers are permitted to wet their line with a plain lead up to 20 minutes prior to the commencement of the match.

Equipment. An angler is permitted to have up to three rods set up with reels, lines and traces attached but can only have one line in the water at one time. Reels must be operated by hand (Subject to Rule G 5. 1. Electric Reels); ratchet handle reels and reels designed to be cranked by both hands at the same time are prohibited.

Terminal Tackle. Spare baited traces are allowed and no more than three hooks may be attached to any trace. A treble hook counts as one hook but no more than one treble hook and two single hooks may be used in a rig, with the exception of plug type spinning lures which are permissible when used alone.

Baits. All baits, NO feathers and / or lures may be used, unless notified otherwise erwise by the Organisers

Restrictions. Organisers may draft rules prohibiting the use of any tackle or method that is likely to cause danger, damage or discomfort to any competitor or other persons. Such rules must be submitted to the SC for approval after which they must be notified to all participants.

Casting. Anglers wishing to use 'power casting' styles should use a minimum of 50 lb breaking strain shock leader. Furthermore, it is recommended that the breaking strain of shock leader should be a minimum shock leader of lOlbs per oz of weight being used. In the interests of safety competitors are advised that any form of dangerous casting is prohibited. Anglers are permitted to cast immediately after landing a fish. However, in pegged matches, the retrieval of this cast is not permitted until the angler's catch is recorded by the steward or adjacent angler on the official bag label if issued.

Assistance. Assistance may be given to land a fish but no-one other than the competitor may handle the rod. In pier competitions, assistance to land fish with a drop net is permitted, as is hand-lining the fish up the pier or promenade wall, provided that it can be lifted clear of the surface and not pulled through the water towards the competitor.

Hooked Fish. The deliberate foul hooking of fish is not permitted; however, accidental foul hooked fish are allowed at the discretion of the Organisers, if specified before the start of the competition. In the event of fish being hooked by two or more competitors or caught on lost traces, they shall not be eligible for weighing in.

Undersized Fish. It is each angler's responsibility to ensure all undersized fish are returned immediately to the water. A competitor's fish may be kept in water but any physical attempt to extend their length will lead to disqualification.

Minimum Sizes. The SC shall fix the minimum sizes or weights of fish eligible to be included in the competitors catch. However, Organisers may fix sizes and weights higher than those fixed by the SC in which case all competitors will be notified. Fish below the minimum sizes shall not be brought to the scales. It is each anglers responsibility to ensure all fish brought to the scales are sizeable. The Organisers will provide a Master Measure and adjudicator for anglers to have their catch checked, at the angler's request by the organisers, prior to presenting the fish to the scales; however, the onus of responsibility is on the angler. Undersized fish brought to the scales may result in disqualification.

Protests. Any complaints must be submitted to the Organisers in writing within one hour of the end of the competition. A Protest Fee of £10 must accompany the complaint, returnable if the objection is upheld. The decision of the Organisers will be final in the event of any dispute not covered by these rules.

Entry & Disqualification. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation and shall in such a case return the entry fees. Any angler found breaking the rules will be disqualified.
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